Teaching Experience

I have developed an extensive track record of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching across a wide range of subject areas at the Universities of Leeds and Oxford, including mathematics, various branches of engineering (mechanical and electrical), and computing (OpenFOAM training, computer architecture, Linux desktop computing).

During my PhD candidature at Leeds, I accured over 100 contact hours of teaching experience, whilst still handing-in my thesis within my funded period. These hours were mainly spent leading first year tutorials (approx. 12 students per class) and second year workshops/example classes (approx. 35 students per class). I also marked final exams, co-established the Engineering & Physical Science faculty’s OpenFOAM training course and supervised computer workshops.

At Oxford, I have led first and second year tutorials on various aspects of engineering at Wadham College, in addition to being involved in the undegraduate admissions process interviewing candidates for the Engineering Science course.

I have sought to enhance my teaching in various ways, many of which I learnt from Lara Alcock (Loughborough University), such as introducing app-based quizzes/polls in large workshops and peer feedback in smaller tutorials. I also trialed a mechanism to collect anonymous feedback from students with great results.