Droplet splashing on dry and wet surfaces


In this talk, we will discuss a few current and very recent projects from the Oxford Fluid Dynamics Lab that are united by the theme of droplet impact at speeds fast enough to induce breakup (splashing). In particular, we will consider when droplets splash upon impacting dry surfaces, and discuss how surface curvature and fluid properties affect splashing dynamics and thresholds. This research yields conclusions that not only shed light on the fundamental physics underpinning splashing, but also provides practical lessons that can be used to prevent splashing and/or reduce its effects in practice. Subsequently, we will shift our attention to the related problem of droplet impact on liquid pools, where we aim to understand the physics underpinning the different impact outcomes that can influence splashing.


Many thanks to Peyman Rostami and G√ľner Auernhammer for inviting and hosting me.

Dec 20, 2023
Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research, Dresden, DE (in person!)